The Beauty of a Big Hair Wig

Wearing a big hair wig and hair pieces has become one of the great and easiest ways to get a transformed look.

It has become more of a style statement, the reason why you see a lot of people getting to choose their own wig hair pieces. A variety of these wigs have been made available for the demand has likewise increased.

There are synthetic wigs and those made from human hair and mono-filament fibers as well.

Is It a Match?

When a wig is used, one would consider its suitability. It is not just about having a dash of that big wig or the one with the short hair style.

Aside from considering your mood, you also have to match that with your look and your clothing, just like movie actors and actresses would blend their celebrity wigs to the character that they are portraying.

Finally, you should also consider the occasion in which you are going to wear the wig. Because if it is a wedding, a big hair wig is definitely not the suitable hair piece you should be wearing.

The type of wig hair piece you admire to have should match your own natural hair color so that when you clip this onto your own hair, it should be able to blend naturally and smoothly.

Aside from that, the shape and the size of the head should complement the features and be able to enhance the magnificent facial structure of the wearer.

The Style of Big Hair Wig

Big hair has been a common cultural trend and a fashion icon that has spanned several centuries.

It refers to the hair style that emphasized large hair styles or the manner of having large volumes of hair.

It was most popular in the 80s, which was associated with the fashion that was inspired during that time.

The term big hair is used in alternative cultures, punk, goth, or glam. he style incorporates a great deal of height or volume of hair which is achieved through the use of various hair tools, products or the big hair wig.

When It All Started

A big wig and all of a women's wigs in general began in the mid-seventeenth century. It was popularly used by the elite society up to the late eighteenth century.

Those coming from the royalty, judges, and other high-level officials were the ones who were seen to be wearing wigs.

The wigs during that time were sold expensive; the reason why only the aristocratic people wore them and it needed maintenance.

The turn of the century from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century powdered wigs were also used.

Women embraced powdered female wigs that they used as one of the fashion statements, with wigs sometimes having some miniature creations like gems, metals, or silk.

During the first half of the seventeenth century, men were the ones mostly using big hair wigs.

The French men coming from all classes had their hair long and preferred them curled following the long, curly wigs that King Louis XIV had on his head to compensate for his hair loss due to a receding hairline.

It was a fashion statement at that time which was further developed in different styles and color in the next 150 years.

How to Have That Look

In order to have the look of having the big hair style, aside from simply using the big hair wig, it requires some styling, treatment, and cutting techniques.

In order to be able to have the style of a punk and have big hair styles, the hair needs to be backcombed or what was known back then as teasing the hair.

Then a liberal application of styling tools like gel or hair spray would then be applied in conjunction with the use of a hair dryer. Next, the hair should be crimped with irons, hair rollers, and perms.

Being Thankful for Wigs

Today’s people have become so conscious about their fashion statement. Because of this fact, everyone wants to mimic celebrities.

Whether it is short or long hair, straight or curly hair, there are women's wigs, ladies wigs that could emulate just about any hair style.

This is the beauty of having wig hair pieces: you can change looks in just seconds.

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