Get the Most Benefit from Beehive Wig

So who, or why would you wear a Beehive wig? If you want to transform your hairstyle in a quick and convenient way, a costume wig can help you get through with it. And if you want a retro style getup, a beehive costume wig is very easy to don.

There are many shops that sell specialty wigs for you to choose from, here are a few fabulous examples for you.

Since, a novelty or costume hair wig is made to be worn for fun instead of long wearing periods, they are not as durable as expensive wigs.

Rehab Wig - Adult

However, there is a huge variety of costume wigs that are made from various materials ranging from artificial materials to that are usually inexpensive and delicate synthetic objects.

For this reason, a beehive and other costume wigs cannot be exposed to blow dryers or curling irons and other styling tools that can greatly damage the wig material.

Celebrity wigs and novelty hairpieces are made from strong dyes to make the attractive variations of colors and can cause irritation to the scalp if exposed to other strong chemicals.

Although there is a catch to wearing a beehive wig or other costume hair wig, they are nevertheless convenient for short wearing periods like parties and other special occasions.

These kinds of wigs are not advisable for daily use since they are easily damaged and do not give real comfort to the wearer.

Medeia Bee Hive Adult Wig

Popular Styles of Wigs

Beehive Wig Blonde

Apart from beehive hair wig, there are also other celebrity wigs and icon wigs that remain a popular choice especially for young wearers. Popular styles include the following:

  • The typical all-black and gray-streaked witch hair

  • Waist-length blonde locks

  • Curly celebrity wigs including the beehive wig

  • Wig styles based from fictional characters like Goldilocks, Barbie, and others

  • Monster wigs have also been a popular option especially during Halloween

  • Screaming wigs in neon, blue, pink, green shades are also a trendy choice

  • African and dread locks wig styles are also a good choice
  • Beehive Wig Black

    Wig Modifications

    On the other hand, if you cannot decide whether you want a beehive costume wig or other styles of wigs, you can always have the wig you bought changed into a particular style you want.

    There are actually other costume pieces that can be added to modify your wig into some style that you have imagined. If you think wearing a beehive wig for your costume party is too loud, you can modify it into a shorter up-do and style it with a different color using hair dye.

    You can also add additional hair accessories to style up your retro hairdo.

    When Wearing a Beehive Wig

    When wearing your beehive wig, it is important to keep it clean and dirt free. As much as possible, use gel or holding products to keep its original shape.

    There are some novelty wigs that are ready with elastic and adjustable ties to secure the fit in your head. Or you can always use bobby pins to hold the wig snug fit on your head.

    Proper Care for Your Wig

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    Proper Costume Wig Maintenance

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    Although costume wigs are not as durable as traditional wigs, they still have to be taken with proper care. One way of maintaining its original attractiveness is by not exposing your wig to strong and needless chemicals.

    After you use the wig, remove it with care and prompt. Shake and brush the strands to remove the dust and other particles that may cause it to wear out easily. And when you store the wig, make sure that it is protected by either a cloth cover or a plastic bag and store it in a safe and chemical-free place.

    If possible, avoid putting your wig under heavy objects to prevent potential damage.