How to Make Your Character Realistic with a Beard Wig

So why wear a beard wig? Costume parties are some of the most exciting and enjoyable events.

Aside from the opportunity for you to have fun with friends, you would also have the chance to show and exercise your creativity with what you would wear such as your costume and facial hair if your character requires you to wear one.

Aside from the excitement of wearing costume and costume beards, you will also have the chance to bring your dream character to life.

A costume party is not an everyday event, so you need to look your best in these rare occasions.

Make yourself shine by choosing the right accessories suited  to the character you want to portray.

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Wearing A Beard Wig
Consider Who Your Character Would Be

Before you get into a party, the first thing you should do is choose the character you want to use then think about the things that you will need to breathe life to your character.

Among the things that you will need are your costume, props, some costume beards, and of course your mental preparedness to carry the character well.

If you have already chosen a character to portray, ask yourself the following questions to help you assess whether the character is right for you or not:

  • Do you think you can carry the character well?
    The character may be appealing for you and you have always wanted to wear a costume wig beard.

    But at the end of the day, what would matter is not your willingness to take on the character but your capacity to give justice to it.

    You should remember that there are two aspects that would make your character effective.

    One is how you carry the character, and second is how effectively you appear with the character you are using.

    The first requires psychological preparedness and the other is more on the costume beards you will wear and other props that will make the character even more realistic.

  • Would you be able to handle it if the character needs heavy makeup, costumes, and facial hair?
    Since you would be a character, it is understandable that you would be using props, costume beards, and make up in order for you to look like the character you intend to portray.

    For a day, you should be ready to give up your identity and take the shoes of another person or character.

    To make your appearance convincing, you need to prepare yourself to wear what the character wears such as a beard wig, a cane, a hat, and so on.

    If the character uses heavy makeup, then you should be prepared to apply it on your face.

Are the costume beards and other props readily available?

Among the important factors that would make your character look realistic are the costumes and props you would need such as the beard wig.

List down all the things that you will need for your getup such as the gloves, hat, wand or cane, dress, and the likes.

To ensure that they are available, check if the costume or props that you would need are available.

You can check online or on your local stores to find out if it is available or not.

To avoid the store rush, prepare for your character and the needed costume beards long before you use them.

Give yourself a few days or weeks to prepare your costume wig beard and other necessities.

Once you have completed all your needed props and beard wig, keep them in the right storage area so they will be in perfect condition when you need them.

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