Barristers Wig for a Regal Look

Ever wanted to wear a barristers wig? Regal and good-sounding, the tag of being a lawyer and having that Atty. appended to your name is definitely something.

But for those who are dreaming to be a lawyer someday but are not presently pursuing the path, then perhaps costume wigs will help a lot.

In this case, the hair piece is precisely what you need to give you that regal look of lawyers and judges.

Or if you’re just planning to attend a costume party with a different look for this year, finding unique costume wigs shouldn’t be that difficult. 

What Is a Barristers Wig?

If you happen to be one of those fans of crime shows, then you know what barristers wig look like. 

 While it is no secret outside the courtroom that it is just a wig, the barristers hair wig is different from your common wig because of the following factors:

  • They are short and cropped-head and white in color.

  • The wig was given its name because it was worn by judges and lawyers for more than 150 years in the 1800s.

    During those times, the barristers wig was dyed with a white powder as there were no costume wigs available then.

  • Aside from the white-colored barrister wig, a similar wig, this time black, was also worn by judges.

    However, such wig was indicative of the punishment the judge is going to hand down: death.

    As a result, the practice was abolished, and the white wig was made permanent outfit.

  • The barristers hair wig paved the way for the coining of the expression “bigwig.”

    This has reference to the practice among the early wearers of the wig wherein individuals made sure that they stand above the rest by wearing bigger wigs than contemporaries.

Barristers Wigs Today

Today, a barrister wig is no longer considered a permanent fixture in the outfit of lawyers, much less for judges.

Part of the reason for this is due to the unpopularity of the wig and partly because the wig fell victim to fashion trends.

No one today have enough guts to actually wear the wig that bears more semblance to the hairstyles of revered heroes like Lincoln, Franklin, or Washington.

So from once being a symbol of lofty and regal standing, the barristers hair wig is used only during costume parties or during theatrical performances nowadays.

In some universities, their law students are required to wear the wig as part of their ceremonial attire upon completion of their legal studies.

However, even this practice is fast fading since many universities no longer ascribe to the practice.

Part of the reason for this, is the fact that  before it was associated with unhygienic practices including the infestation and spreading of head lice if the wig is used by more than one person.

Today, most of these barristers hair wigs are still made from human hair as most costume wigs are.

However, unlike in the old days, the hair is treated first to kill off any bacteria that may cling to the strands.

Moreover, the wig itself is not worn directly on top of the head but on a wig cap that minimizes odor from sweat drying up on the wig itself.

Likewise, the wig can also be shampooed to keep it clean and fresh.

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