How to Choose Ace Wigs for a Great Look

Find those Ace wigs that suit. Back in the old days, wigs were only worn by people who were experiencing baldness. 
But this has been widely changed since wigs today are more than just hair pieces used in concealing hair loss and baldness. 
Women’s wigs, in particular, have become a fashion statement. Ladies’ wigs are even more popular for women and teens in costume parties and other events.

Hence, regardless of the reason, certain factors that surround your choices of female wigs are important to keep in mind.

Some guidelines that you will have to follow while choosing from female wigs include how your face is shaped.

Choosing a wig oftentimes depend on your face’s shape and wearing the best suited wig can further enhance your look.

Ace Wigs for Specific Face Shapes

According to the shape of your face, women’s wigs can make you look even more attractive if you choose wigs that best fit you.

A few tips on how relative is the attractiveness of ladies’ wigs and the shape of your face will help you arrive at a sound choice.

  • Oval Face. For women who have oval face, almost any kind of female wigs ranging from a various styles and colors can fit perfectly on you.

    Whether the wigs,  are short, long, straight, or curly, the wig you choose will surely complement your attractiveness.

  • Round Face. For the round-shaped face, ace wigs should make the face look thin.

    Look for wigs that would help frame the face and wigs that accentuate the crown area that can make the face look slim. Neat bobs are a big no-no for round-shaped face.

    You can instead use ace hair wigs that have quite a height in the crown area.

Keep in mind that not all wig styles that look good on mannequins would be perfect for you. Best guess, choose a celebrity with the same features as you,  then you will have an idea, of how it may look on you.

  • Square Face. There are also women who have square-shaped faces.

    In this case, if you have this kind of facial feature, you should get ace hair wigs that focus on the edges that would make your face look soft.

    Instead of buying wigs that have center parting, go for a side-swept ace wigs hairstyle.

  • Heart-Shaped Face. Moreover, there are also beautiful women who have heart-shaped facial structures.

    Heart-shaped faces normally have more flesh on the brow line than in the jaw line. Hence, to make the face look more balanced, you will need ace hair wigs that are full at the bottom and do not have much crown or side height.

    The wigs that you will choose need to have bangs that are chin-length and swept to the side.
  • Triangle-Shaped Face. If you have a narrow brow line and wide jaw line, your face has most likely a triangle-shaped structure.

    For women who have narrow forehead, ace wigs that are layered and curled will add proportion to your face.

  • Oblong Face. An oblong-shaped face has a narrow and long chin. Oblong faces are normally long, and wearing ace wigs would require those styles that require wigs that will provide enough width relative to your face.

    Curly or wavy tresses are also recommended for oblong-shaped faces. Wigs that reach through the mid-section of the neck are also good for oblong-shaped facial structures.

    Avoid wigs that are layered cut or those long wigs.
  • Narrow-Shaped Face. Lastly, if you have a narrow face structure, you might want to consider going for wigs that would add volume to your facial shape.

    A chic bob wig or the kind that has soft curls would be perfect for your facial profile.

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